Music will be provided by:

DJ Krush – Chicago’s Hottest DJ
Mainstream, Top 40, Hip Hop, House

DJ Krush was raised in Chicago, IL. At the age of thirteen, an age where most of us are still playing with toys, DJ Krush was already practicing his skills on the turntables. The underage teen would sneak in to clubs where he observed and gained knowledge of rocking a crowd. His inspirations came from listening to hip hop radio stations. He also listened to a diversity of music from the 80’s, Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop, House, and R&B. The combination of his versatile style and unique skills makes him not only a highly recognized name but also a sought-after name in the industry. His expertise has already enabled him to perform all over the nation and the world. From Miami to Mumbai, Aruba to Chicago, Puerto Rico to Toronto. He can rock any crowd in the world with his wide selection in music.

DJ Katy – Chicago’s Sexiest Diva
Old School, Retro, Top 40, 80s, & more

With over 8 years of experience playing out for crowds several times a week, DJ Katy has become a recognizable face known for rocking parties all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. She has an uncanny knack for anticipating what the crowd wants to hear and delivering at precisely the right time, bringing them back to her clubs week after week. Katy’s djed in all types of venues ranging from megaclubs hosting over a thousand people to intimate sports bars looking for a good party. Ultimately describing herself as a “party music dj,” she keeps things fresh by performing several guest spots and festival stages each month while maintaining steady residencies multiple nights a week at the hottest clubs…include Studio Paris, Roof on the Wit, RPM, Board Room, and more.

Don’t miss the finest DJs in Chicago spinning a great mix of Hip Hop, 80s, Top 40, Retro, House, and the Latest Hits.

Shout Out

Say “Hello!” to Shout Out.

Since 1997, Maggie Speaks has been honing the craft of live music performance. Beyond technical ability and professionalism, each performance demands a particular flow and energy to make the night a success.

Shout Out continues this pursuit with some of the finest performers in Chicago, drawing upon the Maggie Speaks family expertise since 2013. They deliver the same high energy, non-stop performances that have become a trademark of all of the Maggie Speaks’ bands.

More packed dance floors, more hands-in-the-air parties, more unforgettable wedding receptions, more corporate events that really feel like a celebration. Clients who need top quality musical entertainment they can trust for special events, come to Maggie Speaks, and Shout Out personifies that trust.

All world class musicians in their own right, the members of Shout Out have become a part of our musical family, helping to push the expectations and boundaries of cover bands. Whether it is a family wedding or a corporate party they are expecting you to knock out of the ballpark, Shout Out will come through for you.

We know the importance of a soundtrack to set the mood and intensity of any occasion and Shout Out performs masterfully to set the right feel for any event, helping you to establish the right feel and flow of your party. And of course, delivering the energy that makes people say, “wow”.

This event also includes:

  • Champagne Toast
  • Beautiful Decor
  • Party Favors and Noisemakers
  • LED Countdown Screen
  • Music Video Mixing
  • Elegant Chic in Ballrooms
  • Balloons and Midnight Confetti Storm
  • Surround Sound System
  • Intelligent Lighting System
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